Our initiative

It's Time to Start Your Preprations

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) are popular all around the world. Many tests and entrance exams use multiple-choice questions to assess students.


‘Continual Concentration Time (CCT) are decreasingly day by day.


Exam Oriented Pocket Friendly dedicated portals are being developed under this initiative. As of now, only two portals are active, (i) www.socialauditormcq.com and (ii) www.registeredvaluermcq.com. Third portal to be launched by fag end of October is www.independentdirectormcq.com.


While designing portals, a packet of 10 MCQs at a time was employed to limit time loss for any aspirant (time loss may be due to electricity / internet / an urgent phone call / any other reason).


For the purpose of keeping it exam oriented – only and only MCQs are provided.

All the best. Keep growing. Knowledge and exams are breaking age boundary